Our Story

We have been a fashion company for a very long length of time, inspired by the core of style in high fashion, providing to women of all ages. We are here to hopefully take the world wide internet for our new online website.
Syan fashion has now brought a new store to the Glenrothes Kingdom shopping centre, and now we bring our affordable, classic pieces online for everyone to wear. From loungewear to party worthy dresses, we're all about those "wow" outfits that has everyone asking where it's from!
Our Syan girls are confident in their personal style with an attitude to match, they don't care to be different, and love everything sassy but classy! Our girls always feel their best in Syan, dressing like their favourite influencers or celebrities.
We are SYAN  (company number) registered in Scotland. Our HQ store is now in Glenrothes, Fife Ky75nn Kingdom Shopping Centre